Dandelion Days

Family. Tradition. Whimsy. Joy.

Meet Dandelion Momma July 14, 2008


I want to introduce myself, I am Stephanie. Although, my husband calls me Bunches (as in honey bunches) and my son calls me Momma. The forementioned husband is Josh and my son is Logan, 7 mos. We live in the Valley of the Sun and are in the middle of a new adventure – buying our first house. Well, I guess not exactly in the middle of that adventure yet since we just started looking. More on that project later. I love family activities, traditions, festivals, holidays, entertaining and good old-fashioned fun. Hopefully you will find some ideas here to have some fun of you own!


2 Responses to “Meet Dandelion Momma”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Wonderful! I hope we all have many Dandelion Days!

  2. Carey Newman Says:

    Love your website, how sweet and fun! XOXO for Logan too

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