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Accidental Dandelion Days September 11, 2008

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Boy, do I owe you you guys some serious blogging! I have been a true slacker-blogger. I really did fully intend to blog while on vacation… it just didn’t work out that way.. here we go!

Logan and I are visiting my parents while Josh is on a business trip and the two of us have discovered the joy of the accidental Dandelion Day. I am so impressed with the activities and thrills that a small town in the middle of the desert can offer a nine month old while I am working my bottom off to entertain him in the bustling metropolis of Phoenix. Who knew? We’ve explored a childrens’ museum with a special play place for toddlers. It was giant padded room that he could climb and crawl all over. We’re making our third trip there this afternoon. The local aquatic center has a miniature water park that is open only to toddlers on Friday mornings. Logan loves splashing in the water and trying to follow the other babes. He hasn’t quite figured out that I won’t let him crawl underwater. Down by the river is a nature center that offers a picnic, story and nature walk for toddlers only. We were late to this event but still had a picnic and walk of our own. Logan loves being outside so this was a great afternoon for him and I got some exercise! The library here has a drop-in “Tots and Tunes” class that we are going to try tomorrow morning. And this is all free! Saturday night we – along with the rest of the town- went down to the ballpark to enjoy a picnic dinner and watch little girls parade around in princess dresses before a screening of Disney’s Enchanted. I let Logan sit in the grass and expected him to dart off in pursuit of one of the princess girls, but he stayed right by me. Wonderful! We’ve been having a great time but are ready to go home to Daddy. See you Saturday, Josh!


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