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Make a Wish…. August 23, 2008

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Anyone else see the awesome Letters and Numbers Trays featured in this months Parenting Magazine?

Ice Trays - Letters and Numbers

They are great for fun ice (make alphabet soup in the bath by dropping them in the tub) and also for jello (spell your name and have a snack!). Since you can also bake with them, the possibilites are endless…

You want them? (So do I!) Well make a wish, mommy, it might come true! Spoonsisters.com (My all-time favorite store. Think funky/cool online gift boutique) has given us a set that you can win! Keep reading today’s to see how you can score ’em.

The Spoon Sisters show the trays being used to make jello birthday wishes to decorate a cake and now I am inspired. Too many birthday ideas for little Logan’s first are running around in my head so I need your help. Vote for your favorite by leaving me a comment and you will be entered to win the Letters and Numbers Trays. Sound like a deal?

Logan is #1 A classic game day cheer easily becomes a first birthday twist on a sports theme.

Menu- Homemade peanut butter energy bars. No, I am not Martha Stewart; these are surprisingly easy to make. I’ll post the recipe when I remember where I put it… Orange slices are always a half-time favorite and everyone loves Gatorade.

Cake- A jersery shaped treat with our last name… and the number 01 of course!

Activities- Oriental Trading has an inflatable referee that bounces back when you punch him like the old Bozo Clown toys. This could be fun… 🙂

Music- Jock Jams would get everyone in the party mood. This CD series is also child friendly and reminds me of a very fun halftime show.

Extras- Guests donning their favorite team colors will add to the festivities. Little One can wear the colors of a team favored by someone special who can’t be there – I am thinking Logan’s Uncle Bubba, an Army soldier. This might be a problem though, since he loves Bama and I went to Auburn. Grrr…


Animal Crackers Animals and snacks… what more could a toddler want?

Menu- Tortilla roll-ups sread with cream cheese and a variety or fillings- olives run through the food processor, salsa and guacamole, marmalade, etc. I would also set up a snack buffet with animal crackers, sliced apples and peanut butter, bananas rolled in puffed rice cereal, cheese cubes, mandarin oranges and any other family favorites.

Cake- A round 3-tier cake with animal shaped sugar cookies ringing each layer like a carousel. I like the idea of a small tier cake for a first birthday because it really emphasizes the single candle on top. Plus, you can use the small top tier as baby’s messy photo-op treat.

Favors- Luckily, animal crackers are stinking cute by themselves. Instead of sending guests home with the expected, fill an animal cracker box with a variety of treats. Guests will be pleasantly surprised when they look inside!

Extras- The traditional animal crackers box is designed to look like a circus train car, so consider adding a circus element to the party if you try this one yourself.


Happy First Birthday! Ok, I know. This is not the most creative of themes. But who says a birthday has to be elaborate? There are plenty of themed parties to come, so maybe we should start with something traditional?

Menu- Toddler Munch: an addictive combo of Goldfish crackers, Cheerios and animal crackers. Mac-n-Cheese would please all age groups. Peanut butter and jelly “sushi” is easy. Layer both spreads on a single slice of bread and roll it up pinwheel style. Slice the roll about every inch and serve on its side with spiral showing.

Cake- Again, I like the idea of a tier cake. For this party, I imagine three star shaped tiers smothered in yellow tinted whipped cream icing and dusted with colored sugar for sparkle.

Activities-Little ones can try fingerpainting with chocolate pudding. Bubbles will be fun and – bonus- will add to the party atmosphere.

Favors- Bakerella.com has a very clever recipe for miniature cupcake treats that strike me as a modern petite four. Cupcakes are a basic requirement of the quintessential American birthday. Four of these cake bites in a box tied with string would be a delight to send home with guests.


Don’t forget to vote for your favorite first birthday party for Logan and be entered to win a treat of your own.

Have a Dandelion Day!

Stephanie – Dandelion Momma

P.S. Don’t forget to check out  Spoonsisters.com for birthday gift ideas!

Contest Details:

  • Leave me a comment with your birthday party vote (or a new idea!) for an entry in the drawing
  • Contest ends at midnight August 31st


20 Responses to “Make a Wish….”

  1. bigbaddaddy Says:

    Dandelion momma,

    Checked out spoonsisters.com. What an awesome site. Thanks for the recommendation. Of your three ideas, I like Logan’s #1.

  2. I love the sports theme….We did dump trucks for N his fave!!!! I made a dirt cake and put trucks and candy “rocks”

  3. Nick Says:

    I gotta go with Animal Crackers! Everyone of those sound like a blast though. Nice blog too! 🙂

  4. DesertDweller Says:

    I like the sports theme – Sounds cute, fun and easy

  5. TReagan Says:

    I like the first brithday theme just because of the cupcakes. 🙂 Iwant to win!!!

  6. Jaime Mulloy Says:

    I love the sports theme. I want a cupcake so bad right now. I love the blog.

  7. Deborah Says:

    How fun are those!! I’d have to go with the Animal Crackers theme, although all of them sound super cute!

  8. Emily Carter Says:

    Came over from WTE March Board! Got to have those letter trays!

  9. marissa Says:

    I’m voting for the Animal Crackers theme. I think adding in the circus aspect would be really fun, too!

  10. Debbie Says:

    The letters are just to cute !! Love your blog!

  11. Nyxxie Says:

    I vote Logan is #1

  12. K Johnson Says:

    You are totally right. I checked the site, just great. Thanks!

  13. K Johnson Says:

    oops, I forgot: I vote the animal crackers theme. Probably have a higher success rate among the little ones.

  14. Megan Says:

    I Like the animal crackers idea but I really like the menu for the happy first birthday. It sounds like a menu that you can’t go wrong with even with the picky eaters out there. Good luck with the party!

  15. Stephanie O Says:

    I love the blog! You have a ton of great ideas that will really come in handy as J gets a bit older! I love all the b-day themes, but my fav is Animal Crackers. Good luck deciding! I’m glad we got that out of the way a few weeks ago. That 1st birthday is tough 🙂 I have my fingers crossed to win the giveaway!

  16. Tina Says:

    I like the animal cracker birthday theme. tinawittmer(at)yahoo(dot)com

  17. I think the animal crackers theme is precious for a 1st birthday. We’re busy planning Carson’s! THose trays are adorable, what possibilities!

  18. Brooke Says:

    Animal crackers. love the carousel cake idea.

  19. Buckman Says:

    I really like the Logan 31 theme. If you are wondering about a jersey to get, get and Ohio State football jersey… great site.

  20. Circus Ring Master Says:

    I really dig the animal crackers idea. Those things are always fun. Definately brought back good memories of my childhood which I can’t wait to share with my own little one. Great idea! Everyone loves animal crackers!

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