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Silly Song: Nap-aroo August 19, 2008

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Ever since we got married (why not before, I don’t know) my husband has found in funny to change the words to songs and make them about me. He especially loved to do this while I was pregnant with Logan. The Lion Sleeps Tonight changed with lyrics like “In the tummy, the mommy’s tummy, the baby sleeps tonight.” I think you get the drift.

Now that we actually have a cuddle bug to sing silly songs to, I have gotten caught up in the silly song creation past-time. An appreciative audience is inspiring. Here are two of my favorites so far.

Nap-aroo (to the tune of The Beach Boys’ Barbara Ann)

“I went to my crib, looking for a toy,

Saw my teddy bear, now I’m a sleepy boy

Nap-Aroo, Nap-Nap Nap-Nap-Aroo

Nap-Aroo, Nap-Nap Nap-Nap-Aroo

You’ve got me Sleeping and a Dreaming,

Cuddling and a Snoring.

Nap-Aroo, Nap-Nap Nap-Nap-Aroo”



The Stinky Stinky Baby (to the tune of Itsy-Bitsy Spider)

“The Stinky Stinky Baby layed on the changing pad.

Down came his pants, and it was really bad.

Over came the momma who wiped up all the (fill in the blank)

and the Stinky Stinky Baby went out to play again.”



I would love to hear some of your own creations!

Have a Dandelion Day!

Stephanie – Dandelion Momma


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