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Olympiad Day August 13, 2008

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As I sit watching the womens’ gymnastics competition of the Olympics with my own dear daddy I imagine having a mock Olympics in the backyard for the kiddos. Let’s make it a Dandelion Day!


  • Tons of water bottles and snacks
  • Whatever you need for a date night at home (I am thinking this Dandelion Day will wear the little ones out… take advantage!)



Oh, the options here are limitless. Consider this: compete together as a family instead of against each other. You could set goals together (let’s complete this relay in less than five minutes!). For each goal or challenge that you meet as a family, add a dollar to a communal pot. At the end of the day, use the money to take the family for ice cream or some other treat!

  • Hula Hoops- How many times can you hula? Lay them on the ground and have the kids run through them like the tires at football practice. Arrange five together to resemble the Olympic rings. Dive through them into a swimming pool.
  • Set up obstacle courses or relay races.
  • Challenge family members to watermelon or pie eating contests.
  • Make a ribbon stick with a dowel and 5 feet of ribbon. Let little ones create their own dance ala rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Ping Pong is an Olympic sport!

Really, you could adapt this to your kids and your style. You could get silly with made up competitions or you could arrange games more along the lines of the actual Olympic sports. Be inspired… this could be the start of a new traditionl.

Have a Dandelion Day!

Stephanie- Dandelion Momma


One Response to “Olympiad Day”

  1. Sherri Ezell Says:

    Everything looks so interesting. I’ll have to spend a whole morning browsing around seeing what all you have on here.

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