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Passport – London July 23, 2008

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Your first Passport Dandelion Day is here and we are doing it Brit style. Remember, we are not going for 100% authenticity here; we are just looking to have fun. Prepare for take-off!


  • Soccer balls from the garage – Futball is an English classic.
  • Prince and princess dress-up clothes.  There is nothing better than being the Queen or King of England.
  • Camera to snap pictures for your passport journals (or crayons if Jr. wants to do his own illustrating).


  • Fish and Chips for lunch! Translation – fish sticks and frozen french fries. Who knew being international was so easy?
  • Trade snack time for tea time! I would recommend a decaf tea if you are going that direction, or you could serve lemonade or juice out of a tea set. It would be so much fun to use this time to try some new foods that are commonly eaten in London like toffee, scones, marmalade, clotted cream, and Nutella. Your kids will have fun trying new foods and may even find a new favorite! Check out my Wishpot pick list to see where to find some truly Brit snacks. You could also try looking at World Market.


  • Read Michale Bond’s English class, The Adventures of Paddington Bear. It chronicles a stuffed teddy bear in England with an affection for orange marmalade.
  • Watch My Fair Lady  or Mary Poppins and spend the afternoon practicing your British accent.
  • Rock out to your favorite Beatles album.
  • Act like an aristocrat and play croquet! Check out croquet.com for basic rules.
    Have a Dandelion Day!
    Stephanie – Dandelion Momma

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