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Project Time July 18, 2008

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Hey guys. This blog is about to be swarming with international themed Dandelion Days, so to get ready I have a project idea for you. Help your kids make a passport! There are tons of ways to go about doing this, depending on your childs artistic abilities, the supplies you have on hand and your child’s (or your own) attention span. Some considerations:

– The simplest way would be to fold contruction paper in half hamburger style and staple them together in the center.

– Every passport has a photo. Print one of your child to paste on, or try letting them draw a self portrait. Use the first page for this picture and write a description of your child- this could lead to a good discussion (i.e. “You have blue eyes, but mommy has brown. We both have blonde hair. How else are we alike?”)

– Each time you participate in an international Dandelion Day (one of ours – or your own), encourage your child to draw a picture or journal about that day’s activities. You could also paste in photographs of the day.

– Of course, if you are much more tech-savvy than me, you could make the whole thing on the computer and print it out.

As your passports fill up with memories your kids will begin to treasure their projects and may be inspired to continue journaling or scrapbooking. And of course – they will be looking forward to the next page in their passport. Happy crafting!

Have a Dandelion Day,

Stephanie – Dandelion Momma


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