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Have a Dandelion Day July 14, 2008

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Dandelion Days are those days you never want to forget. The days that seem to radiate with magic and the kids are learning and growing and smiling. Whimsical days that bring you together as a family and remind you how easily happiness  can find us.

Traditions play an important role in every family – they foster pride, unity and a sense of belonging. Here at Dandelion Days, you will learn how to build joyful traditions for your family and how to turn ordinary days into Dandelion Days.


Have a Dandelion Day!

Stephanie – Dandelion Momma


One Response to “Have a Dandelion Day”

  1. Opa Says:

    Great suggestions. i like the comments about family traditions, it makes doing inspiring things as a family rouitne instead of hard work…even if it is hard. Great blogification

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