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A Word to the (Un)Wise July 25, 2008

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I am putting all home sellers on notice:

If you accept an offer on your house – DO NOT KEEP IT LISTED AS ACTIVE! Some poor schmuck – probably me- is going to come see it and fall in love only to find out that it was never available. It is kind of like telling your best friend that the guy in your biology class is “the one” just to find out that he has only been hanging around your locker to copy your notes. You know, the notes that he was too busy passing love letters with his girlfriend to take down for himself. Just a thought.


Edible Clay July 23, 2008

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To keep little hands busy, give them something they can squish – and eat! To make an edible clay, just mix peanut butter and powdered sugar. The more sugar you add, the less sticky the clay will be. For easy clean-up, spread wax paper on the table before letting Jr. have at it.

Have a Dandelion Day!

Stephanie – Dandelion Momma


Passport – London

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Your first Passport Dandelion Day is here and we are doing it Brit style. Remember, we are not going for 100% authenticity here; we are just looking to have fun. Prepare for take-off!


  • Soccer balls from the garage – Futball is an English classic.
  • Prince and princess dress-up clothes.  There is nothing better than being the Queen or King of England.
  • Camera to snap pictures for your passport journals (or crayons if Jr. wants to do his own illustrating).


  • Fish and Chips for lunch! Translation – fish sticks and frozen french fries. Who knew being international was so easy?
  • Trade snack time for tea time! I would recommend a decaf tea if you are going that direction, or you could serve lemonade or juice out of a tea set. It would be so much fun to use this time to try some new foods that are commonly eaten in London like toffee, scones, marmalade, clotted cream, and Nutella. Your kids will have fun trying new foods and may even find a new favorite! Check out my Wishpot pick list to see where to find some truly Brit snacks. You could also try looking at World Market.


  • Read Michale Bond’s English class, The Adventures of Paddington Bear. It chronicles a stuffed teddy bear in England with an affection for orange marmalade.
  • Watch My Fair Lady  or Mary Poppins and spend the afternoon practicing your British accent.
  • Rock out to your favorite Beatles album.
  • Act like an aristocrat and play croquet! Check out croquet.com for basic rules.
    Have a Dandelion Day!
    Stephanie – Dandelion Momma

Grass July 22, 2008

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Wow, I want a house.

We just got back from a great weekend in Flagstaff. We were up there to cheer on my daddy in the Mountain Man Triathalon (yeah… he rocks) and we stayed in a cute little cottage with my folks. The cottage had a front yard with actual grass!!! If you don’t know, we live in Phoenix… there’s not much grass here. Logan spent a lot of time laying in the grass and looking up at the trees. He spent a lot of time eating the grass too, for that matter. Anyway, it made me even more anxious to get our silly selves out of this apartment and in to a house with a yard. Josh met with a mortgage broker last night and we finally have a real estate agent, so things are in the works. I’ve been using Wishpot to gather ideas for Logan’s new playroom and for decorating the house. I guess I should probably find an actual house first, but it is so much fun to daydream about it. Okay, enough of my daydreams. The plan is to give you a new Dandelion Day this evening so check back soon. (Hint: This Dandelion Day might have you saying “Cheerio!”)

Have a Dandelion Day!

Stephanie – Dandelion Momma


Project Time July 18, 2008

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Hey guys. This blog is about to be swarming with international themed Dandelion Days, so to get ready I have a project idea for you. Help your kids make a passport! There are tons of ways to go about doing this, depending on your childs artistic abilities, the supplies you have on hand and your child’s (or your own) attention span. Some considerations:

– The simplest way would be to fold contruction paper in half hamburger style and staple them together in the center.

– Every passport has a photo. Print one of your child to paste on, or try letting them draw a self portrait. Use the first page for this picture and write a description of your child- this could lead to a good discussion (i.e. “You have blue eyes, but mommy has brown. We both have blonde hair. How else are we alike?”)

– Each time you participate in an international Dandelion Day (one of ours – or your own), encourage your child to draw a picture or journal about that day’s activities. You could also paste in photographs of the day.

– Of course, if you are much more tech-savvy than me, you could make the whole thing on the computer and print it out.

As your passports fill up with memories your kids will begin to treasure their projects and may be inspired to continue journaling or scrapbooking. And of course – they will be looking forward to the next page in their passport. Happy crafting!

Have a Dandelion Day,

Stephanie – Dandelion Momma


Pajama Day July 14, 2008

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When July brings record breaking heat, head your kids inside, crank the A.C. and enjoy this pajama inspired Dandelion Day! Also good for gloomy weather and little ones not feeling well or just playing hooky… go get comfy!


  • Comfy Cozy PJs
  • Your softest blankets and fluffiest pillows
  • Little One’s Lovey


  • French Toast for Breakfast! Try experimenting with different breads to make your toast- classic french, brioche, raisin cinnamon, etc. Safeway makes a special french toast bread that my husband uses. It tastes almost custardy and makes perfect french toast every time.
  • Egg-in-a-Basket for Lunch! Use a water glass to cut a circle out of the center of a slice of sandwich bread. Butter both sides of the bread and place in a heated pan on the stove. Crack an egg into the hole in the bread. Cook about 3 minutes each side or until egg is cooked through and bread is toasted. Yummy!
  • Breakfast for Dinner! Set up an omelet bar – this is a great way to get rid of some leftovers. Set out leftovers and other omelet toppings (cheese, ham, sprouts, frozen hashbrowns, etc) and give each child a plastic baggy to place their chosen toppings in. Crack and egg or two into each baggy, seal, shake and drop into a pot of boiling water. The eggs will cook perfectly and nobody complains!


  • Build a fort with pillows, blankets and the living room furniture. This is headquarters for the day.
  • Read Dr. Seuss’s I Am Not Going to Get Up Today!
  • End the day cuddling on the couch, or in your fort, and watching a movie. Try Animal Planet’s Growing Up Arctic and Growing Up Wildcats. Nothing is cuter than baby animals. Except your baby, of course. 😉


Have a Dandelion Day!

Stephanie – Dandelion Momma


Have a Dandelion Day

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Dandelion Days are those days you never want to forget. The days that seem to radiate with magic and the kids are learning and growing and smiling. Whimsical days that bring you together as a family and remind you how easily happiness  can find us.

Traditions play an important role in every family – they foster pride, unity and a sense of belonging. Here at Dandelion Days, you will learn how to build joyful traditions for your family and how to turn ordinary days into Dandelion Days.


Have a Dandelion Day!

Stephanie – Dandelion Momma